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For softness, freshness and protection on the clothes you love.

Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioners, dryer sheets & scent boosters
With plant-based softness

With plant-based softness

For fabrics that feel soft and fluffy

Freshen The Fabric


Provides long-lasting freshness

Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioners protect clothes from stretch , fade & fuzz


Protect clothes from stretch, fade & fuzz.

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How to use liquid fabric softener and where it goes

In this article you will learn why it is important to use a fabric softener, how to use it and where to put it in the washing machine.

Product Story for Lenor

It’s the little things in life that can give us the greatest pleasure. Slipping into fresh and gorgeous smelling bed-sheets at the end of a hard day, or pulling on that cosy and fluffy jumper to keep out the cold are one of life’s best little luxuries. But how can you enjoy such fresh feeling laundry each and every time? The answer is with a quality fabric softener. This unsung hero of laundry prevents static, lubricating the fibres to reduce friction, softening your clothes and filling them with an amazingly fresh and long-lasting smell.