Why you need a fabric conditioner and how to use it

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There is nothing better than the sensation of putting on a freshly washed, soft T-shirt or slipping into crisp, fresh and pleasant-smelling bed sheets. How can you enjoy this quality of fresh laundry every time? Even the best washing powder or liquid detergent may not be enough to provide softness and helps prevent favourite materials from degenerating over time. Water hardness and your machine-washing can cause cloth fibres to lose their integrity and, after a few washes, so clothes often become a bit scratchy and rough, and have undesirable static. That is why we need a quality fabric conditioner – it prevents static by lubricating the fibres to reduce friction, provide softness and fill them with an amazing, long-lasting smell.

The Best Fabric Conditioner for Your Clothes

What is a fabric conditioner? It protects our clothes by reducing the friction between their cloth fibres. While they are being washed, the fibres are agitated during spinning and that causes abrasion. This is how a fabric conditioner works: it detangles cloth fibres and protects them, so when they become dry, we can feel the softness, as there is less friction between the material and our skin. Most importantly, it fills your clothes with perfume bubbles that give off an amazing laundry scent for a long time. These are the reasons why clothes are so pleasant to touch and fresh smelling after you use a fabric conditioner. What fabric conditioner does is it also helps reduce washing machine-induced wrinkles and keeps the clothes soft.

Quality fabric conditioner gives your clothes a long-lasting fresh scent. Lenor Fabric Conditioner features our freshness technology that delivers a gradual release of perfume, hour after hour, day after day. How does fabric conditioner work to maintain this scent inside your fabrics for such a long time? Perfume bubbles are deposited on your clothes during the last stage of the rinse cycle and stay in your cloth fibres. As you touch and rub the material while you are folding clothes, putting them on and moving around, the bubbles burst and release a freshness that gives you a great feeling of comfort!

How to Use Lenor Fabric Conditioner

Step 1. Getting ready.
Make sure you have your fabric conditioner to hand and a loaded washing machine.

Step 2. Dose.
Dose Lenor using the cap provided into the fabric conditioner compartment at the beginning of the wash. In front load washing machines, the conditioner compartment is located next to the one for detergent.

Step 3. Measure the amount.
For a load of 4-5kg, 35ml is enough. As you add a bigger or smaller load, you can adjust the amount of conditioner; more will ensure more softness and freshness. You can use Lenor conditioner for clothes on any cycle!

Making Clothes Fresh for Longer

Being smart about your laundry means taking care of your materials at every stage. Always start by using the right detergent - Bold All-in-1 Pods thoroughly clean your clothes, removing even the invisible stains that are set deep in the fibres of the fabric.

Always remember to add Lenor Fabric Conditioner for a soft and comfortable feel and nice scent. But is it possible to keep the perfume scent in your fabrics for longer, like for up to 12 weeks? Yes, this is how Lenor Unstoppables technology works! It is not a detergent, but an in-wash scent booster that is safe for clothes and infuses your garments with perfume that make your clothes smell fresh for up to 12 weeks (in storage.

Lenor Unstoppables goes in at the beginning of the wash, so the scent can infuse the fabric for longer. Just shake the beads into the cap, as big a dose as you want so you can adjust the intensity of the smell. Throw it into the drum before adding your laundry, add your detergent and Lenor Fabric Conditioner and enjoy non-stop freshness. You can choose from different scents to find your favourite.

Use it together with Bold All-in-1 Pods and Lenor Fabric Conditioner for an ultimate laundry experience for cleanliness, softness, and a fresh feeling that lasts for a long time!