Lenor History

In our world, fabric is always its softest, freshest, and most protected

Since Lenor appeared on the scene in 1963 in Germany, the brand has remained consistently innovative and dedicated to providing the best possible softness and freshness for your clothes.

Throughout the 20th century, the brand has successfully expanded its footprint, bringing the best out of clothes & fabrics, to delight consumers all around the world.


In 1998, Lenor was the first brand to introduce new Scent Bubbles technology: Perfume accords are encapsulated into tiny bubbles. The Scent Bubbles are deposited on clothes during the last stage of the wash cycle. With friction (like rubbing, hugging, toweling off, putting on clothes etc) these bubbles burst and release long lasting freshness.


In 2012 Scent Bubbles technology upgraded to include two scent “tones”, enriching the scent experience.


In 2013, New Lenor Softness Technology is introduced across the entire range, designed to, beyond providing softness & freshness, help keep the clothes looking newer for longer.


In 2014, with sustainability at heart, Lenor compacts its formula by 30%, while improving freshness character & longevity.


Lenor introduces Anti-Age3 technology, which helps protect clothes from 3 signs of ageing: stretching, fading and bobbling.


Lenor wins Product of the Year in the UK.


Lenor Outdoorable wins The Grocer Product Launch of the Year award