Product Story for Lenor

2 min read
2 min read

It’s the little things in life that can give us the greatest pleasure. Slipping into fresh and gorgeous smelling bed-sheets at the end of a hard day, or pulling on that cosy and fluffy jumper to keep out the cold are one of life’s best little luxuries. But how can you enjoy such fresh feeling laundry each and every time? The answer is with a quality fabric softener. This unsung hero of laundry prevents static, lubricating the fibres to reduce friction, softening your clothes and filling them with an amazingly fresh and long-lasting smell.

Lenor is loved by millions of people across the world, because it fills their laundry with heavenly softness and long-lasting freshness. And now, Lenor is taking freshness and softness one step further thanks to its innovative and new feel-good formula.

Dermatologically tested and safe for the whole family, Lenor’s new plant-based formula is incorporated across the entire Lenor range, including the popular ‘Lenor Moods Collection’ and the new ‘Pure and Fresh’ collection. Using less chemicals and ingredients, our new and innovative formula delivers an even softer and fresher wash to delight you, without compromising on performance.

All of Lenor’s range will now feature our new plant-based formula, which combines a mix of plant-based oils, including sustainably sourced Cotton Seed Oil to deliver superior softness. This, together with our new Softpore technology, which improves softness performance under sustainable wash conditions while using less chemicals, means Lenor brings a long-lasting heavenly softness to all your fabrics, making you feel good each and every day.

And our new formula doesn’t stop there, offering our best-ever freshness, thanks to improved freshness release technology. Using less chemicals and ingredients, the Optiscent technology delivers long-lasting freshness, through new and improved perfume bubbles containing perfume oil. These slowly release bursts of perfume delight during the drying stages and beyond keeping your clothes feeling fresher than ever for up to seven days.

So now you can enjoy Lenor even more, knowing your clothes will feel fresher and softer than ever before, thanks to our new feel-good formula.