Fabric Conditioner

For softness, freshness and protection on the clothes you love.

Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioners
With plant-based softness

With plant-based softness

For fabrics that feel soft and fluffy

Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioners provides long lasting freshness


Provides long-lasting freshness

Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioners protect clothes from stretch , fade & fuzz


Protect clothes from stretch, fade & fuzz.

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How to use liquid fabric softener and where it goes

In this article you will learn why it is important to use a fabric softener, how to use it and where to put it in the washing machine.

What are fabric conditioner and detergent? What’s the difference?

Fabric conditioner and detergent each play an important role in making your clothes clean and fresh. But what does each one actually do? Can fabric conditioner clean clothes as well as freshen them? Here Lenor explains everything you need to know about fabric conditioner vs laundry detergent, and how they work together during a laundry cycle.