Fabric Conditioner

For softness, freshness and protection on the clothes you love.

Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioners
Softens The Fabric


For fabrics that feel soft and fluffy

Freshen The Fabric


Provides long-lasting freshness

Fabric Protection


Protect clothes from stretch, fade & fuzz.

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Why you need a fabric conditioner and how to use it

There is nothing better than the sensation of putting on a freshly washed, soft T-shirt or slipping into crisp, fresh and pleasant-smelling bed sheets. How can you enjoy this quality of fresh laundry every time? Even the best washing powder or liquid detergent may not be enough to provide softness and helps prevent favourite materials from degenerating over time. Water hardness and your machine-washing can cause cloth fibres to lose their integrity and, after a few washes, so clothes often become a bit scratchy and rough, and have undesirable static. That is why we need a quality fabric conditioner – it prevents static by lubricating the fibres to reduce friction, provide softness and fill them with an amazing, long-lasting smell.

Detergent? Fabric Conditioner? What’s the Difference?

Lenor shows you the differences between fabric conditioner & laundry detergent and explains how they work together during a laundry cycle!