How to remove the sweat smell from clothes?

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With everyday body odours, weather, and exercise putting our clothes through the wringer it’s only natural to get sweat smells to cling to our clothing.

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However, this can be annoying and unpleasant aromas caused by body odour can often linger even after washing. But you don’t need to suffer from sweat-smelling clothes, and Lenor is here to help you get rid of these uncomfortable-smelling odours.

How to get sweat swell out of clothes?

If you’re looking to cure that funky sweat smell, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll share tips on how to get the sweat smell out of clothes so you can dress with confidence.

Use fabric conditioner

To get rid of the sweat smell from clothes and have long-lasting freshness, we recommend upgrading your laundry routine to include a fabric conditioner. With the Lenor Outdoorable range, developed with SolarDry™ technology, your laundry will smell as if it’s been line dried on a summer’s day – however, you choose to dry it!

The Lenor Outdoorable range is available in three different scents, all made with plant-based softness1 and guaranteed to provide long-lasting freshness. You can choose from:

  • Lenor Outdoorable Pink Blossom Fabric Care

    – This scent will make you feel as though you’re walking through a garden of rose bushes. Our rosiest scent combines perfumes inspired by the smell of roses, with apple blossom brightness, watermelon, and warm amber notes.
  • Lenor Outdoorable Summer Breeze Fabric Care

    – This scent is warm and uplifting, with notes of citrus zing, buttercup brilliance, and ocean sparkle.
  • Lenor Outdoorable Spring Awakening Fabric Care

    – This scent smells like the open-sky freshness that invigorates your wash, with its breezy marine notes and citrusy goodness

Use scent boosters

To double up on the scent-boosting and remove the sweat smell from your clothes, we recommend adding in-wash scent boosters to your laundry load. In-wash scent boosters are great at helping get the sweat smells out of bedsheets and work hard to help get the sweat smell out of clothes.

With the Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Boosters, you’ll get long-lasting freshness technology, to provide your laundry with a boost of non-stop freshness for up to 12 weeks in storage! Available in different scents, each Lenor Unstoppables fragrance injects freshness into every wash! We recommend adding the product to every wash on top of your typical laundry routine and using a 13.5g dose per load – if you love the scent, then we recommend increasing this to 22g. The level of scent is completely up to you!

Of course, we understand that scents and some perfumes in certain products can be irritable for those with sensitive skin. That’s why at Lenor, we have worked with our scientists to create unique product perfumes that are blended with the greatest care and attention to safety. Our products, including the Lenor Outdoorable range and Unstoppables, undergo a thorough safety review to ensure fragrance ingredients are formulated within a safe range – making it suitable for every member of the family!

Air-drying of clothes

If you want to boost the freshness of your laundry even more, we recommend air-drying your laundry for a fresh scent. Air-drying clothes can be done by hanging your clothes inside or outdoors. But make sure you properly shake your clothing first to help reduce stiffness! If you’re using a tumble dryer, we recommend using dryer sheets. Make sure you keep your washing machine clean to avoid the build-up of odour-transmitting bacteria! When air drying, if you’re lucky enough to have lovely weather, we recommend air drying outdoors to truly freshen up the fabrics. Not to mention, the sun’s UV rays not only bleach your white clothes to make them brighter but targets bacteria in the more bacteria-heavy bits like our underwear and socks!

Some habits to consider on how to get the smell of sweat out of clothes

To prevent the sweat smell from lingering, we recommend adopting some personal habits such as:

  • Change out of gym clothes after wearing them as the material of activewear often clings to odour-causing bacteria
  • Wash your clothes immediately to stop the bacteria in its tracks before it continues to breed!
  • Make sure you’re washing underarms and using antiperspirant
  • Change clothes daily
  • Air-dry damp clothes
  • Clean your washing machine frequently
  • Don’t leave damp clothes in your washing machine or basket as these breeds bacteria, making the sweat smells worse

Including scent boosters and fabric softeners in your laundry load as well as making small changes to how you do your laundry, you’ll find that the sweat smells will be out of your clothes in no time. We understand that a shirt could smell perfectly clean after washing, but with natural body odours, that smell can come back. This is often due to bacteria being able to live within the fibres and release odour molecules. By following this guide and using Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Boosters, your clothes will have up to 12 weeks of freshness and leave you feeling confident.

85% of the ingredients contributing to Lenor’s softness are plant-based