Top six toughest odours to remove from laundry

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Keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh with these quick and easy hacks

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On a quest to tackle clothes smelling of fried food? Any home cook will attest to how quickly fabric absorbs and holds onto cooking aromas even when there are no stains. This is due to microscopic grease particles in the air that embed in clothing fibres. Tip: The extractor fan is your secret weapon. It sounds like common sense but always turn it on before you start cooking to avoid unwanted aromas. Fix: Don’t throw clothes in the washer straight away. A quick ten-minute tumble dry with a few Lenor fabric conditioner sheets will help remove odours and deliver long lasting freshness.


A shirt may smell perfectly clean after washing but often an hour or so into wearing that dreaded body odour is back. This is because bacteria trapped in the fibres begin to smell when our body heats the fabric and odour molecules are released. Tip: Wash sweaty clothes as soon as possible and don’t leave your gym kit lying around post workout as it will encourage bacteria to grow on the still-moist fabric. Fix: Lenor Unstoppables In-wash Scent Boosters provide up to 12 weeks of freshness so your clothes stay fresher for longer in damp environments. Just pop in your empty drum before every wash, then add clothes and fabric care products as usual.


Garments that smell bad can linger with you all day. A musty, pungent odour from drying clothes inside indicates that mould or mildew is growing where moisture is present. Tip: A clean washing machine, means clean clothes. Lingering mildew in the drum can work its way onto garments during a wash, and experts suggest cleaning your machine every month.
Fix: Lenor Outdoorable fabric conditioner combats the build-up of damp odours and takes the freshness of your clothes to the next level. Use with every wash and you’ll be able to enjoy laundry as fresh as if dried outside, even when you dry inside.


Dealing with odours is just part of the gig for any animal owner. You might even be so used to the smell, you hardly notice it anymore – and may need to call in a second opinion! Tip: To protect your clothes from everyday pet odours, line your drawers with Lenor fabric conditioner sheets or slide between folded garments to keep them smelling clean. Fix: Wash your pets’ bed. It’s the epicentre of dirt that could well be causing the musty smell. Pet hair sticks to wet fabric, so make sure you hoover it prior to washing. Wherever possible, tumble dry with a clean tennis ball in the machine – it will help restore the bedding to a fully fluffy state.


The smell of stale cigarettes is never pleasant. If you’ve had a smoky encounter or been huddled around a bonfire, the oils and fine ash released into the air carry the aroma into your clothes. Tip: A little sun and fresh air for a few hours outside will breathe new life into your fabrics. Or, hang your clothes near a ventilated space overnight indoors. Fix: If you can’t air your clothes outside, wash with Lenor Ourdoorable fabric conditioner. Not only will it remove tough odours, it delivers that incredible fresh-air smell you get from drying clothes outdoors. Try our Spring Awakening scent with subtle marine notes, citrusy goodness and pure spring breeziness.


Want to switch up your favourite fragrance? Because fabrics are absorbent, clothing fibres can hold in scent for a very long time – and perfume can linger even after washing. Tip: Fragrances marked ‘Eau de toilette’ are less concentrated than ‘Eau de parfum’ and the perfume oil won’t cling as long to jumpers and scarves. Fix: A quick steam can effectively neutralise smell and is gentle on delicate fabrics such as silk. If you don’t have a steamer, take a hot shower and leave your clothes hanging nearby. Both you and your threads will feel refreshed.