The Best Way to Care for Jumpers

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The Best Way to Care for Jumpers
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When the temperatures plummet and the weather outside gets bitterly cold, its time to bring out the jumpers. Although jumpers are warm and comforting, and perfect to keep the winters chill at bay, the more you wear your jumper, the more youre going to wash it. Washing your jumper, especially in the machine, could leave the cosy fabric looking dull, bobbling and maybe you find that your favourite jumper has shrunk a bit! From cable knits to cardigans, learning to care for your jumpers properly will ensure you stay toasty, season after season. Read on to see our jumper care tips, so youll also learn how to wash your jumpers to keep them smooth and in-shape, without bobbling.

How to Care for Your Jumpers
  • Temperature: It can be washed on temperatures higher than 40°C although we dont recommend going any higher than 60°C and always check the fabric care label before choosing a temperature.

  • Cycle: If you have a cotton cycle on your washing machine, use that, as this setting is suitable for all cotton garments.

  • Detergent: Use Ariel All-in-1 PODS, as they have everything you need for clean, bright and fresh-smelling clothes in a tiny, but powerful capsule.

  • Use fabric softener: Add Lenor Fabric Conditioner, which helps prevent stretching and fading, so your jumpers will stay looking newer for longer.
  • Temperature: Always wash wool at 30°C. You risk shrinking the garment if you wash it on a higher temperature.

  • Cycle: Use the gentle or wool cycle in the machine, but if you want to play it safe, then wash by hand.

  • Detergent: Use a gentle laundry detergent, so you dont damage the material. Avoid using powder detergents, as powder can cause more abrasion to the fabric.

  • Use fabric softener: Add Lenor Fabric Conditioner to help protect the jumper from damage during the wash.

If youre wondering how to dry a wool jumper, follow our tips as given above: air-dry the jumper by laying it flat to avoid damaging the fibres.

  • Step 1: Remove the excess stain. Start by blotting the stain with a brush, fork, or napkin, but dont rub, as this will only make it worse as itll spread the stain deeper into the fabric.

  • Step 2: Soak: To keep stains from setting in, make sure to soak your clothing item in cold water (especially if its a blood stain!) as soon as possible. When it comes to removing stains, its usually best to use cold water and a high-quality detergent like Ariel All-in-1 PODS if you're not sure about the stain type. However, for harder-to-remove greasy stains, you'll want to use warm or hot water.

  • Step 3: Wash with a high quality detergent. Place a high-quality detergent like Ariel All-in-1 PODS at the bottom of the drum and add your jumpers. If youre not sure about the stain type use cold water. However for harder-to-remove greasy stains youll want to use warm or hot water. Still unsure? Weve got a comprehensive stain removal guide covering more than 70 type of stains here!