How to Wash and Protect Cotton Clothes

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Lenor Spring Awakening Liquid Fabric Conditioner
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Cotton, a natural seed-hair fibre, has been grown for food, textiles, and even fuel for over 6,000 years. One of the main uses of cotton fabric as a natural product that consists only of cellulosic fibres is for clothing. Cotton is environmentally friendly – not only 100% biodegradable but, most importantly, it is hypoallergenic! For that reason, the use of cotton for every-day items that stay close to the skin such as underwear, casual clothes, and T-shirts is very popular. Cotton clothes are safe and comfortable for kids because their natural material eliminates the possibility of rashes and it’s durable enough to mask the signs of wear and tear. Cotton is also perfect for jeans - a breathable fabric that is light and washes easily.

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How to Protect Your Fabrics

Because cotton is the perfect material – breathable, soft and comfortable, it has poor elasticity due to its natural properties. This means that our cotton clothes are prone to shrinking after washing and the fabric won't return to its original shape after being altered. As they are made of natural fibres, damage from mould is possible and your clothes can start to shred, as lint can form because of the short fibres. It is clearly important to take good care of your clothes and protect them when washing. So, how to wash and protect cotton clothes?

1. How to Choose the Correct Wash Cycle Setting

Cotton can be washed in warm, but not excessively hot, temperatures. Depending on the number of stains, we can alternate between warm and tepid water, but it’s worth remembering to always check the tag on our favourite T-shirt before we set the washing machine temperature in order to avoid shrinking! With a good detergent, your cotton clothes can be thoroughly washed in colder temperatures. Also, when you wash organic cotton, it’s better to use a gentle cycle – less agitation and spin helps to prevent damage to your clothes.

2. How to Pick a Detergent Suitable for Washing Cotton

No matter how carefully you set your washing cycle, machine laundry can still be invasive for natural cotton fabrics. That is why the first thing to remember is to use good clothes protection in the form of detergent and fabric conditioner. The modern cleaning technologies used in washing pods like Bold’s can remove stains effectively, dissolve even invisible sweat marks and help protect fibres at the same time. Bold All-in-1 Pods is perfect for washing your cotton pyjamas, underwear, favourite dresses and bedding. Their deep hygienic cleaning properties break down stains and dirt and help prevent bad smells from accumulating and making your cotton clothes feel unclean. This kind of washing detergent not only cleans but also helps to protect the cotton from losing shape and bobbling.

3. How to Protect Cotton and Avoid Clothes from Shrinking While Drying

Cotton clothes can shrink in a tumble dryer, especially 100% organic cotton items. The tossing motion can cause fibres to constrict and shrink your clothes, so set the dryer to one cycle and lower the temperature. If you wash stretchable, printed or organic cotton clothes, it might be better to just leave them to dry naturally in the air.

Help Protect Your Cotton Clothes with Fabric Conditioner

When cotton fibres in your clothes get wet, they can get tangled. When they dry, they stay tangled and form a fabric mass that causes the material to feel rough and static. Tangled broken clothing fibres on the surface of clothes attract loose micro-threads during the wash cycle - this is what we see as little lint balls. So how do you wash cotton clothes but protect them at the same time? Use a good fabric conditioner for cotton!

Fabric conditioners, like Lenor, help to lubricate the fibres and untangle them so they can move around smoothly. This way, there is less friction between the cotton fibres and your skin, and cotton clothes feel soft and even more comfortable.
Because you wear your cotton clothes every day, you want them to stay fresh and crisp and smelling nice for a long time. That is why Lenor Fabric Softener is an amazing way to add freshness to your laundry! Cotton clothes washed in conditioner will release a waft of freshness throughout the day. By adding Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Boosters to your washing machine before loading, you can infuse the textiles with perfume. Such beads are safe for cotton clothes because they simply dissolve slowly and give them a scent for up to 12 weeks in storage.

Advantages of Cotton Clothes

With proper care, cotton clothing can last a long time and still look fresh. As natural cotton doesn’t contain chemicals, it allows air to circulate, so cotton clothes are breathable and healthy to wear. Cotton is advantageous for bedding, sheets, and underwear and ensures that your skin stays in contact with only natural, breathable cotton that is hypoallergenic and makes you feel comfortable. Take care of your garments by using effective washing pods to remove stains along with a fabric conditioner, and add an in-wash scent booster for a long-lasting smell. You can create an ultimate laundry experience with Bold All-in-1 Pods, Lenor Fabric Softener, Lenor Unstoppables and enjoy cotton clothes for a very long time!