How to wash clothes and make your laundry smell perfect

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5 mins read

When we think about fresh laundry, we don’t think about clothes that are simply “not dirty”. Even if we don’t see stains, our clothes may feel unclean or smell musty to us. What creates the experience of freshness is, most importantly, the scent. How can you make your laundry smell perfect? The secret is to add laundry scent to your washing! That will provide a fresh feeling and leave your clothes smelling nice for a long time.

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How to Achieve Perfect Smelling Laundry

How your clothes smell is a result of many factors. Clothing absorbs the smell of rooms we inhabit (e.g. cooking smells), our perfumes and, most importantly, our body odour. Every time we put our clothes on, the materials stay in contact with our skin, which produces sebum. Skin oils are transferred to the garment through contact with the human body, and a growing number of bacteria might be the reason why our clothes start to feel unfresh long before they become visibly dirty with stains! So how do we freshen up our clothes?

First of all, by washing them with an efficient laundry detergent, such as washing pods. Washing in this way should break down the dirt and remove it completely. The new generation of detergents can provide a cleaning power that removes even the invisible stains and body oils that are drawn deeply into the fabrics’ fibres.

So, how do we make our clothes also smell perfect? Since Lenor’s main area of expertise is fabric softeners, we partnered up with Bold that can provide the same high quality in detergents as we do in fabric softeners. Bold washing pods contain perfume bubbles for amazing freshness that help to neutralise bad smells while you are wearing your clothes!

High Quality Detergent Like Bold

It is now easier to wash your clothes effectively thanks to the newest technology used in Bold’s All-in-1 Washing Pods! This is the most practical form of detergent – no more washing powder measuring, just throw a pod into your drum for freshness and hygienic cleaning, and off you go! It does not only remove visible stains but also the invisible stains like sweat marks in the wash, so you can be sure that your fabrics will come out fresh and clean.

Washing clothes with Bold washing pods also makes your clothes fresh thanks to its perfume bubbles. These multiple small bubbles are designed to diffuse perfume gradually so you don’t smell any bad smells produced by our bodies while we are wearing our clothes any more. But there’s more to the magic of fresh-smelling clothes, you not only need a powerful laundry detergent, but a great fabric softener as well

Why You Need Fabric Conditioner as Well as Laundry Detergent

As well as even removing invisible stains from our clothes, we must keep in mind that the machine washing might be invasive for our favourite items. As water hardness and spinning cause abrasion, cloth fibres can get tangled. Without fabric conditioner, entangled fibres dry and cause friction between them and our skin. This is why textiles can feel scratchy and static

Great quality fabric conditioners like Lenor help to remove this friction by helping fibres to untangle and stay smooth. Our fresh clothes get that nice soft touch and show less wear over time. What’s even better is that fabric conditioner fills our clothes with an amazing, long-lasting scent. Cotton clothes, favourite garments, underwear, sheets – all these things get a long-lasting freshness that makes you feel very comfortable. Apart from this pair, there is only one thing missing to make an ultimate and unique laundry experience: an in-wash scent booster for a long-lasting fresh aroma that stays with us for weeks * in storage.

Boost Your Favourite Scent

An in-wash scent booster is the final complement to an amazing laundry experience. Your washing pods provide cleanliness, fabric conditioner gives your garments fresh softness, and an in-wash scent booster infuses it with an amazing long-lasting smell. Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Boosters are a perfectly easy to use formula: small beads that you put into the drum before loading your clothes.

As beads dissolve during the wash, perfumes can infuse the clothing and provide non-stop freshness* from wash to wear up to 12 weeks in storage. You can use them as often as you like, depending on the load. This way, fresh scent is released slowly while your clothes are in storage. Beads are a perfect addition to washing pods and fabric conditioner – all together, this trio creates an ultimate laundry experience: deep clean technology and perfume craftsmanship!

Try the dream team of Bold 2in1 Washing Liquid with Lenor Fabric Conditioner and Lenor In-Wash Scent Booster for an ultimate laundry experience.