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Since 1963, Lenor has been working continually to bring the best possible freshness and softness to your clothes while always keeping the safety and quality of our products at the heart of what we do.

Ingredient Choices and how we make them

Some people believe natural product ingredients are safer than man-made synthetic ones. The reality is – it’s not that simple. Both natural and synthetic ingredients have a safe and unsafe range. Often manufacturers turn to synthetic ingredients to ensure the safety, effectiveness and purity of their products. Natural ingredients can be hard to standardize, as differences in plant health, the time of year harvested, and other factors can dramatically change the chemical compositions of the ingredients that are derived. Synthetic, human-made ingredients can be standardized much more easily, guaranteeing a safe product that is always effective and identical.

So, we make sure that whatever ingredients we use, they are high quality ones you can trust and that they are used in a safe way for you and your family. We base our ingredient choices on below three fundementals.

1. Safety: When we’re exploring new scents and formulas for our range, we want to make sure we deliver our best-ever freshness and softness using only the ingredients that meet our rigorous safety standards. Simply put, if an ingredient has not been proven safe for its intended use, we don’t put it in our products. 2. Performance: Every ingredient has a role in delivering the performance you expect from our products. We seek to use the best ingredients for our products so that you can use them with confidence.

3. Sustainable Sourcing: Quick, mass-scale and inexpensive sourcing of natural ingredients leads to synthetic ingredients can oftentimes be more sustainable than natural ingredients because they require fewer resources. Sustainable features of a product ingredient depend on the resources used in creating it, harvesting it, making the product and then ultimately using the product.

Dermatologically Tested and approved by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA)

We like to go above and beyond to reassure our consumers that our products are safe for them to use on their skin, so Lenor makes sure all our products are dermatologically tested. The ‘Dermatologically Accredited’ mark, which is found on all Lenor Fabric Enhancers, provides independent assurance that we have been approved by the Skin Health Alliance and have met their standardised set of skin safety requirements.

With plant-based softness

80% of our softening ingredients are plant-based and the full range of Lenor Fabric conditioner contains from 70% to 90% biodegradable ingredients.

All Lenor products from P&G which are sold in the UK and Ireland have not been tested on animals. Getting rid of testing on animals is so important to us which is why we have invested more than £340 million in developing non-animal testing methods and work closely with groups such as PETA. Learn more here.

Understanding the Ingredients used in Lenor Fabric Enhancers

Every ingredient in our products is there to serve a purpose and bring the best ever freshness and softness to your laundry. Here’s a guide to what you will find in our bottles:

Lenor fabric softeners IngredientsFragranceDyeThickenerProcessing AidSoftenerStabilizerWaterFragranceDyeThickenerProcessing AidSoftenerStabilizerWater
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*Summer Breeze (Base Yellow) is in the process of being certified by 2023