Discover Lenor Ingredients

Improve your laundry care vocabulary, discover what goes into Lenor, and learn how each ingredient benefits your wash! Read more and get to know how Lenor can give your clothes a long-lasting freshness and softness!

In the section below you’ll find the main ingredient categories, under which we collected all the components that belong to that specific group, alongside a short description of just what these ingredients do.





AcetylcedreneFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Allyl CyclohexylpropionateFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Alpha-isomethyl iononeFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Amyl cinnamalFragranceGives a pleasant odour


BenzisothiazolinonePreservativePrevents microorganisms to spoilspoiling thespoiling the product.
Benzyl benzoateFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Benzyl salicylateFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Butylphenyl methylpropionalFragranceGives a pleasant odour


Calcium chlorideThickenerHelps maintain a consistent thickness for easy pouring.
Cationic Esterquat surfactantSoftenerKeeps your fabrics soft, bright, more comfortable to wear, and helps keep them wrinkle-free while reducing static electricity. This ingredient can be derived either from animal fats (tallow) or vegetable oils. A chemical process then creates a brand-new ingredient which does not maintain any of the original raw material properties or characteristics. Not matter the original ingredient, the final surfactant is the same.
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Cationic polymerThickenerHelps maintain a consistent thickness and stabilises the product.
Cinnamyl alcoholFragranceGives a pleasant odour
CitronellolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
CoumarinFragranceGives a pleasant odour


Delta-DamasconeFragranceGives a pleasant odour
DihydromyrceneFragranceGives a pleasant odour
DyeDyeIs used for product aesthetics and provides a recognisable colour.


EucalyptolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
EugenolFragranceGives a pleasant odour


Formic AcidStabilizerMaintains product integrity over time


GeraniolFragranceGives a pleasant odour


H20 (Water)SolventAll of the ingredients are mixed into a solution of water.
HeliotropineFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Hexyl cinnamalFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Hexyl SalicylateFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Hydrochloric acidStabilizerMaintains product integrity over time
HydroxycitronellalFragranceControls acidity to maintain product stability and prevent deterioration
Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene CarboxaldehydeFragranceGives a pleasant odour


IsoeugenolFragranceGives a pleasant odour


LimoneneFragranceGives a pleasant odour
LinaloolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Linalyl AcetateFragranceGives a pleasant odour


Monosodium salt of Etidronic acidStabilizerMaintains product integrity over time


PentadecalactoneFragranceGives a pleasant odour
PerfumeFragranceLeaves a scent right out of the wash and through storage and wear. Helps preventing malodour.


Silicone emulsionAnti-foamingHelps prevent unwanted foaming during manufacturing and packaging.


TetrahydrolinaloolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Tetramethyl AcetyloctahydronaphthalenesFragranceGives a pleasant odour


(E/Z)-ethyl 2-acetyl-4-methyltridec-2-enoateFragranceGives a pleasant odour
4-tert-Butylcyclohexyl AcetateFragranceGives a pleasant odour

* Please note that some of the detailed individual ingredients are subject to change as formula improvements are being made continuously. This information will be updated regularly, but at some point in time individual ingredients may differ.