How to Wash Lingerie

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We’ve all been there: “Can I really wash this?” And the answer is simply, yes, you can wash those special-occasion garments. To keep your delicates protected, try using Lenor.

First things first: Read the care label

The care label is a reminder of how to best care for your lingerie. Paying close attention to the details can help reduce the risk of damaging your negligees. Be sure to wash delicates separately from heavier and rougher fabrics. 

Get mesh for success

The spin cycle can be a rough time for delicates, so for added protection, stick them in a mesh bag to avoid excessive pulling and tugging.

Help protect your fabrics with Lenor

Using Lenor Liquid Fabric Conditioner will help protect fibres from getting damaged in the wash.

Line dry

Air drying bras will help keep them in like-new condition. Hang them by their center to help keep their shape.

Pressed for time?

Dry on the absolute lowest heat setting, but be wary of potential damage that could occur inside the dryer. When in doubt, treat your lingerie as gently as possible.

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