How to Care for your Cashmere

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3 mins read

Cashmere is one of the most indulgent and precious pieces in your wardrobe so it’s important to know how to look after and care for it. In this article you’ll learn how to wash cashmere whether that’s in the washing machine or by hand wash and care for cashmere so it stays warm, snuggly and chic for longer.

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Tip 1: Washing Cashmere step-by-step

Mastering cashmere care shouldn’t be difficult, but there’s always the risk that washing cashmere in the wrong way will shrink it or leave it misshapen and unwearable. The most common questions are can you wash cashmere? And if so, how do you wash cashmere? For all these answers and more, follow our fool-proof how to wash cashmere guide to make sure you give this wardrobe investment piece an extra lease of life!

Tip 2: Reading the care label

Whether you hand wash or wash cashmere in the machine it’s important to read the care label first, because some cashmere clothing will specify the right temperature and method to wash. Visit Lenor’s laundry care symbols tips for more information.

Tip 3: Washing cashmere in the washing machine

Can you wash cashmere in the washing machine we hear you ask? Well, it’s always safer to wash cashmere by hand because you can control the temperature and strength of the wash, but if the care label says you can wash cashmere in the machine follow these tips to ensure you don’t do any damage!

  1. Set your machine to a delicate setting – if you are choosing to wash your cashmere sweaters in a washing machine, it’s really important to choose a cold water setting and spin setting to avoid shrinkage or misshaping

  2. Use a laundry bag – washing your cashmere in a laundry bag simply gives it that added layer of protection reducing friction or pulling in the machine. If you don’t have a laundry bag, then an old pillow case does the job just as well.

  3. Lay it flat – once the cycle has finished, take your cashmere sweaters or cashmere clothing out of the washing machine and lie the sweater flat on a dry towel and place on a flat surface.

Tip 4: Use cold water

Heat tends to shrink cashmere so using cold water is probably the most important tip. If you’re washing cashmere by hand then the water should be lukewarm to cold. If you’re washing cashmere in the washing machine, then make sure you read the label, but generally the wash should be set to 30 degrees Celsius.

Tip 5: Choosing the right fabric softener

To give your cashmere that extra care and attention, why not try a fabric softener like Lenor? A fabric softener will give your cashmere that extra and luxurious softness!

Tip 6: More freshness for your laundry

When you wash cashmere, it deserves the very best treatment! So why not indulge your favourite cashmere sweater or cashmere scarf with a dose of Lenor In-Wash Scent Boosters, which provide up to 12 weeks of superior freshness, so your cashmere will stay fresher for longer. That's because when you’re washing cashmere or any of your clothes, the beads go in at the start of the wash, allowing more scent to slowly infuse into your prized wardrobe pieces as they wash.

Tip 7: How to dry cashmere

It’s always best to air-dry your cashmere as the heat from a tumble dryer or radiator will shrink or warp your cashmere and your most favourite and prized wardrobe possession will be unwearable!

Whether you’re washing your cashmere by hand or in a machine, the drying process is the same. Once your cashmere has been washed, gently squeeze out any excess water, taking care not to pull or stretch the fibres too much, and lay your cashmere flat on a towel and place on a flat and dry surface. Now is the time to check whether any areas seem to have shrunk. If they have, very gently pull them back into shape and the right size, but don’t tug as this could damage the fibres. So, if in doubt, step away from the cashmere and leave it alone!

Tip 8: How to hand wash cashmere

A great way to make sure you care for cashmere during the washing process is to do it by hand. Follow these simple and handy steps to make sure your cashmere stays chic and ready to wear!

  1. As before always check the care label to make sure you wash cashmere in the best possible way

  2. Fill a sink or large tub with cool water. One crucial rule for how to wash cashmere jumpers, a cashmere scarf or other items is to avoid hot temperatures and wash with cold water, as heat causes the materials to shrink

  3. Add a few drops of your chosen detergent or washing powder. Delicate detergents are best

  4. Immerse your cashmere in the bowl of water and let it soak there for five minutes to loosen any dirt or stains. Gently swill the water about and squeeze the cashmere a couple of times to make sure the soap gets into the fibres

  5. Take your cashmere out of the bowl and squeeze gently to remove the soapy water from the fabric. Don’t wring it as this could stretch the shape

  6. Throw away the soapy water and re-fill with fresh cool water. Return and gently rinse your cashmere and repeat the rinse and squeeze process three to four times to remove all detergent and soapy residue

  7. Remove your cashmere from the bowl giving it a final squeeze to remove any moisture.

  8. Lay your cashmere item out on a flat dry surface and let it air-dry, re-shaping without tugging if needed

  9. To help the drying process and avoid your cashmere going musty, roll sections of your cashmere up in the towel to absorb the water and then lay flat again.

  10. Move your cashmere item to a new towel on a flat surface and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Don’t hang it up as this could undo all the good re-shaping work you will have done before!

Tip 9: Washing Different Fabrics

It’s not just cashmere that needs taking care of when you’re doing your laundry. There are other pieces of clothing that need that special touch too! Here are some tips from Lenor on washing your garments from underwear to jumpers!

  • Underwear – Read the care label to avoid damaging your lingerie and wash delicate fabrics separately from heavier and rougher ones likes towels. Use a laundry bag or old pillow case to put your lingerie into and protect it and prevent excess pulling and tugging. Add Lenor to your wash as an added layer or protection and softness for your delicates and line dry or tumble dry on the lowest setting to avoid misshaping!
  • Silks – Turn your blouse inside out and use a delicate or hand-wash setting on the machine. Set temperature to cold, use a small amount of detergent and add Lenor Fabric Conditioner to prevent bobbling. Once the washing ends, lay flat to dry and iron while damp using the lowest setting.
  • Denim - jeans can be tricky to wash, especially dark denim. So, before washing turn them inside out, buttoning any buttons, and zip up any zippers. Set your machine to a gentle or hand-wash and use a colour protect detergent, adding Lenor to protect against fading. Hang, and allow to air dry.