How to Keep Blankets Soft

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Nothing beats curling up under a clean and cosy blanket at home — and nothing ruins that perfect comfy moment like rough, scratchy fabric. Whether it’s fleece, wool or faux-fur, a blanket is the one thing that you want to feel softer than anything else. Luckily, we’ve got a few handy laundry tips to get you soft-blanket-ready for a lazy afternoon of football or a movie marathon.

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How to Wash Your Favourite Blankets

How you wash a wool blanket may be different to how you wash a faux-fur throw. Different fabrics require different laundry care. So first, read the care label to learn if your blanket is machine or hand wash.

Washing Your Blankets by Hand

You may find that your blanket is “hand-wash only”, especially if it’s a delicate fabric, like a faux fur or crochet blanket. If so, use a fabric-appropriate detergent, work up some sudsy, lukewarm water, and gently press through the blanket. Rinse out in lukewarm water.

Machine Washing Your Blankets

Some blankets can be machine washed and still come out nice and fluffy. If the label says your blanket is suitable for machine washing, wash in cold water using the gentle cycle.

The Secret to Comfier, Cosier Blankets

Curling up under a rough-feeling blanket is a sure-fire way to kill the cosy vibe. So how do keep blankets soft, or soften ones that have lost their snuggliness? The secret to comfier blankets is Lenor Fabric Conditioner. It not only softens fabric, but provides protection from fading and helps prevent items from getting damaged in the wash by reducing friction between the fibres.

How to Dry Your Favourite Blankets

If the care label says your blanket is suitable to tumble dry, use the lowest heat setting possible. If the machine isn’t an option, which it might not be for some fabrics like wool, hang your blanket flat over a line to dry. Once it’s clean and dry you can snuggle back under your soft fluffy blanket again!

Make Your Blankets Smell More Inviting Than Ever

You might not wash blankets as often as your clothes, but you still want them to keep smelling fresh and inviting, right? That’s where using an in-wash scent booster can help. Simply pick a scent, put the scented beads in your machine before you load your clothes and enjoy fabulous, long-lasting fragrance (for up to 12 weeks in storage). Like to snooze under your favourite blanket? Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster Dreams will leave your blankets smelling like it’s naptime, all the time.

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