Why use fabric conditioner: The underrated hero of the utility room… and your new best friend!

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Wide range of Lenor Fabric conditioner variants - Lavender and Camomile, Burst of sunshine, Ocean Escape, Exotic bloom
3 mins read

If you love that long-lasting fresh laundry smell and you like your fabrics to feel soft and fluffy, then look no further than fabric conditioner.

Adding Lenor fabric conditioner to your wash is a simple step you can take that makes a huge difference. Not only does Lenor make your clothes smell nice, but there are many other benefits to using fabric conditioner that might come as a surprise to you.

Wide range of Lenor Fabric conditioner variants - Lavender and Camomile, Burst of sunshine, Ocean Escape, Exotic bloom

Adds long lasting scent

Lenor infuses your clothes with an irresistible scent that is released upon each touch. It’s available in many scent variations to suit any scent preference, with noticeable freshness for up to 1 week!

Makes clothes soft

By reducing the friction between fibres during the wash cycle, Lenor helps clothes feel soft

Helps to reduce wrinkling

Lenor smoothens and flattens fibres during the wash cycle which helps creases fall out easily – making ironing a breeze!

Helps to protect

your clothes from stretching, fading and bobbling.

Speeds up drying

Using fabric conditioner can help your clothes dry faster, saving you time and energy.

How does our Fabric Conditioner work?

We all want to enjoy that morning fresh feeling on our clothes throughout the day, but how exactly does it all work? Lenor Constant Freshness technology contains diffusive perfume bubbles which release freshness upon each touch and gives that irresistible scent to your garments.

So, what about softness? During the laundry cycle, fabrics have a negative charge on their surface. Fabric conditioners like Lenor contain positively charged softening actives that lubricate fibers during the final rinse which makes your clothes feel soft and smooth.

If you would like to find out more about what goes into Lenor, visit this article.

Liquid fabric conditioners are added to a separate compartment in your washing machine. During the last rinse of the wash cycle, water flows into the compartment and draws conditioner into the washing machine’s drum, mixing with the laundry.

Get the best results out of Lenor

Follow these simple tips to get the best out of your fabric conditioner and enjoy a perfect wash, every time.

  • Lenor fabric conditioner should be used alongside a good quality detergent, such as Ariel, Bold or Fairy. It’s always recommended you choose complimentary scents to find your own ‘Perfect Match’
  • Use the provided measuring cap to define the optimal dose for your laundry. For larger washing machines or extra freshness, add some more of your preferred Lenor scent.
  • Keep the fabric conditioner compartment of your washing machine tray clean by regularly rinsing with warm water to avoid any blockages.
  • Always read the labels on your garments carefully and follow washing instructions.
  • Store your Lenor in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Important to Know!

Fabric conditioners are a useful addition to your laundry, however they’re not suitable for children’s sleepwear, garments made with fluffier fabrics (like fleece, velour, chenille, terry cloth), sweat-absorbing clothes such as sportswear or garments labelled as flame resistant as it might reduce flame resistance.

All other fabrics, especially wool and other delicates, are ideal for fabric conditioner and you really will get wonderful washing results!