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4 mins read

Ahhh, there’s nothing like fresh-smelling clothes! You pull a t-shirt out of the cupboard, and it still smells as good as the day you’ve washed it. But what if you’re struggling to get that consistent scent you know and love? Maybe your detergent evokes the smell of a fresh, pine-clad mountain, but your fabric softener reminds you of a dream of spring: The result means your clothes are left with a confusing, inconsistent scent. Lenor is here to help you get the laundry results you’re looking for with our delightful fragrances and products to enhance your laundry experience.

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Why you will want to use one scent across the entire laundry process

For a fragrant result youll love pick your favourite scent and keep it consistent across the whole laundry process. The good news is you can do it with Lenor! You can get the entire laundry line from start to finish in Lenors refreshing Spring Awakening and Gold Orchid scents. That way you wont just get long-lasting freshness, but also fabric protection when you take your clothes out of the washing machine and dryer.

Say bye-bye to chaotic scent mixing and inhale that one fresh laundry fragrance that will put a smile on your face as soon as you put your clothes on.

Getting started with the right detergent

Doing the laundry has never been easier with PODs. Just take one of our Bold 3in1 PODs, pop it in the machine and go! The good news is Bold detergent and Lenor are now team players so you can get Bold Spring Awakening and Bold Gold Orchid to kick-start your scent infused laundry journey.

PODs are a convenient way to do your washing as they are pre-dosed for you, so follow the instructions on the pack for the number you need depending on the soiling, load size, and water hardness. Just put a POD in the drum of your machine before loading, then add the clothes and wash – simple as that!

PODs not for you? No worries, you can also get Bold washing liquid and Bold gel detergent in the same scents.

While the detergent cleans, fabric conditioner protects

Slip into freshness with a little help from Lenor. Your detergent gets your clothes clean, while your fabric conditioner gives your clothes long lasting freshness. There’s more than one reason why you should use a fabric conditioner, as Lenor fabric conditioner will:

  • Give clothes a soft and comfortable feel.
  • Help enrich and preserve the relationship you have with your clothes.
  • Infuse scent into your laundry.

    How to use a fabric conditioner: Add it to the dispenser drawer and let the machine take care of the rest. Do not add it directly into the drum.

    Lenor fabric conditioner with the Spring Awakening scent won’t just give you all the benefits of a fabric conditioner but will partner well with other laundry products to provide your clothes with a consistent scent, so you can enjoy even more of that freshness!

How an in-wash scent booster ups your laundry game

Want an even more intense, longer-lasting scent? Then add our Lenor in-wash scent booster, available in Spring Awakening and in Gold Orchid. Just add the Lenor scent beads directly into the drum of the washing machine before you add the clothes. Make sure you don’t overload the washing machine – always leave enough space that can fit the palm of your hand.

Lenor scent booster leaves your clothes with an intense fragrance for up to 12 weeks (in storage) after the wash.

All you need to know about dryer sheets

If you can put your clothes in the dryer – not all garments can be tumble dried, so check the fabric care label – toss in a dryer sheet to enhance the experience. Lenor dryer sheets help prevent static, reduce cling, and unwanted fluff stick to your clothes and also leaves them with a beautiful sent too, especially our Lenor Spring Awakening dryer sheets. Just add one or two sheets depending on the size of your load and start the cycle. Throw the sheet out when done.

There’s more to clean clothes than removing stains. With Bold and Lenor you can keep your clothes smelling fresh as a spring’s day for up to 12 weeks. Now you can enhance your wash with our Spring Awakening and Gold Orchid scent, without worrying about any incompatible fragrances between detergent, fabric softener, in-wash scent boosters, and dryer sheets.