Sustainable innovation: The heart of our journey

As Lenor, we are committed to improve our consumers’ lives by making high performing products, but we also understand that we have a responsibility to protect and care for the world we share. Therefore, we continuously explore areas where we can make a difference.

Packaging with Recycled Materials

Lenor transparent bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic and are fully Recyclable, where collection and recycling facilities are available.

We are committed to maximize the use of recycled materials in Lenor packaging. All transparent Lenor bottles use 100% Post Consumer Recycling Resin (PCR), a material that comes from recycled plastic product waste from consumers or businesses.

Our Lenor colored bottles use 50% PCR and are fully recyclable where collection and recycling facilities are available.

Easily Biodegradable

Lenor fabric conditioners are designed to be safe for the environment and our softening ingredients are selected to be biodegradable and easily removed by waste-water treatment plants.

100% Renewable Electricity & “Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill”

We believe in actions speaking louder than words, which is why we consistently deliver products that demonstrate progress on our citizenship efforts. All Lenor manufacturing sites send “Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill" and use 100% Renewable Electricity in Western Europe.