Scentsational fragrance: The scent that sets us apart

We believe that fresh scents are for everyone and need to be considerate of allergies too – discover how Lenor has considered them for you!

Scents can create a wide range of sensations. From enhancing your mood to making you feel calm, your sense of smell is remarkable and plays a hugely important role in your day-to-day life.

What’s more, scents can trigger emotional memories. Just think of how the smell of the ocean or freshly cut grass can instantly transport you to a moment in time. A distinctive smell often sinks into your brain and stays there.

Fresh scents, for everyone

At Lenor, our in-house perfume team puts as much work into creating the scent for the next Lenor product as they would for the next fine perfume. Constant Freshness Technology with diffusive perfume bubbles enable long lasting freshness that you enjoy.

Created with allergies in mind

At Lenor, our unique product perfumes are blended with the greatest care and utmost attention to safety. Everyone’s skin is different, so not every individual will experience fragrance ingredients in the same way. That is one of the reasons why our products undergo a thorough safety review to ensure fragrance ingredients are formulated within a safe range. We go beyond compliance with the safety standards of the International Fragrance Association and conduct an additional safety assessment of our fragrances and their ingredients. You can also learn more about the safety behind fragrance ingredients, by visiting The Fragrance Conservatory. While allergies to certain ingredients are always possible, we take great care to select fragrance ingredients that are known for as wide tolerance as possible.

Scientific bodies of the European Union have identified a list of 26 common fragrance ingredients that have the potential to be skin sensitizers. When these ingredients are used above a certain threshold in consumer products marketed in the European Union, the product label must list them. This does not mean that a person who uses a product with one of these ingredients will develop a skin reaction. Instead, it is to assist individuals with a skin condition or reaction to certain ingredients to identify them and make an informed purchase decision.

Pleasant fragrances are part of what makes Lenor scent boosters, fabric conditioners, and dryer sheets so irresistible!