Lenor Scents & Fragrances

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Scents are important in our lives. They can create a range of sensations, enhancing your mood, making you irresistible, invigorating you or giving out a sense of calm.

Yet they’re much more important than that. Scents can help us identify all kinds of things in the world around us. From the scent of people to the scent of foods, they give us important information every minute. According to a number of studies, scents are actually better at triggering emotional memories than images. Just think of how the scent of fresh snow or the smell of grass and football boots can transport you back to your childhood in an instant.

For this reason, Lenor understands how important it is for your clothes to smell good.

Fresh scents for everyone

There’s few things better than having fresh smelling clothes wrapped around you all day long. The right scent can make you feel confident or put you at ease, enchant the people around you or make a lasting impression. The fragrance of your clothes can influence others’ opinion of you, so getting this one thing right can be paramount. Because of this, our perfumers put as much work into creating the scent for the next Lenor product as they would the next fine perfume. Lenor fabric conditioners are available in a wide range of scents, from the uplifting Lenor Summer Breeze to the sensual Lenor Kiss Parfum Des Secrets.



A safe fabric conditioner for all

At Lenor, we're also highly aware of the possibility of allergic reactions. Our products are tested to very high standards and – while allergies on certain ingredients are of course always possible, we take great care to carefully select scent ingredients that are known for a wide tolerance liquid fabric conditioners. To do so, we have tested our fabric conditioners for skin allergies (HRIPTS) or skin intolerance in tens of thousands of volunteers.

Does Lenor contain harsh artificial fragrances?

Fragrances are all around us and are part of what makes Lenor scent boosters, fabric conditioners, and dryer sheets so irresistible. We offer products with an extensive array of perfume characteristics, powerful scents or light background notes, as well as light perfumes designed for sensitive skin. We take our responsibility to provide our consumers with products of the highest quality and safety very seriously.

All the perfume ingredients in our products are carefully selected with the utmost care and evaluated by our team of more than 700 safety experts.

Our products are designed in full compliance with international safety standards. We determine the safe range for perfume ingredients, applying the same science and process used by the world’s major regulatory bodies. If there is not enough information about an ingredient to establish a safe range, we will remove the ingredient from consideration or investigate it further. If our products contain certain perfume ingredients with an increased risk we will mention them on pack in line with EU regulations, so pre-sensitised individuals can make an informed purchase decision.