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Key Benefits

• Up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness (in storage)

• In-wash scent booster beads should be poured into the drum before your laundry

• Personalise the scent intensity by choosing the quantity of beads

• Lenor Unstoppables are available in 6 different scents

• Uplift is an elegant scent with apple and pear crispness and rich vanilla undertones


  • How to use scent beads 

    How Many Scent Beads to use in a washing machine

  • Tips to ensure beads dissolve 

    Tips to Ensure UNS Beads Dissolve


Do I need to use detergent with Unstoppables?
Yes, for best results, use Unstoppables with your normal detergent as it is NOT a detergent—it's a detergent additive that provides a 12-week boost of scent to your clothing.

Is Unstoppables safe to use on all clothing?
Absolutely! Unstoppables is safe for all colours, fabrics, and loads. Simply add the beads into the washer drum before you add clothing, start the wash and enjoy!

How does Unstoppables provide such great freshness?

Unstoppables are composed of perfume capsules which slowly dissolve. So you always smell fresh—for up to 12 weeks, right until the next wash!

Can I use Unstoppables with Lenor Liquid?
Yes! When used together, you will get the same benefits you love about Lenor liquid fabric conditioner, PLUS an amazing 12-week scent boost from Unstoppables!

What is the correct dosage for Unstoppables?
Shake a little or a lot into the cap. (Half a cap full should be sufficient for most loads.)

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4.35/5 (1939)
87% Recommended

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Heavenly scent

These are my little extravagance , you can live without them but once tried you just don’t want to, the smell fills the home and clothes stay smelling gorgeous for absolutely ages

I do recommend this product

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Lenor Unstoppables

I was dissappointed by this product. I find Lenor fabric conditioner very good. The adding of the Unstoppables scent booster did nothing to enhance the scent.

Not Recommend Product

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Bought these yesterday, did my usual wash and the aroma that came off my clothes and towels is wonderful, I will definitely be buying these again, one happy bunny

I do recommend this product

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