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• Alluring fragrances with sophisticated and unique scent characters.

• Fabric Conditioner with sweet notes of Maracuja (Passionfruit) and comforting scent of amber.

• Enduring scents that don't fade over time.

• Help to enrich and preserve the relationship with your clothes.


  • Lenor Perfume Fabric Conditioner Parfum Des Secrets 

    Lenor Parfum Des Secrets - Red Riding Hood Ad


How does Lenor work?
In machine, wash after wash, cloth fibres lose some of their original mechanical properties and integrity because of the intense stress they are submitted to and also because of water hardness. Textile fibres become rough over time and tend to entangle. In the absence of fabric softener, through the drying process, fibres remain untangled and clothes become stiff. When a fabric conditioner is used in the rinse, it helps keep the textile fibres smooth. It reduces the friction between them and on the skin. As fabrics slide on each other more freely, clothes are more supple and show less wear over time, especially heavily stressed parts such as collars, elbows and cuffs. The lower friction on skin and the clothes suppleness produce a gentle feel and a high sense of comfort.
Lenor also features our latest generation Freshness technology with Perfume Capsules (PMCs) delivering a gradual release of perfume, providing a long-lasting freshness effect on your clothes. The Perfume Capsules are deposited on clothes during the last stage of the wash cycle. With friction (like rubbing, hugging, towelling off, putting on clothes etc) these capsules burst provide your clothes with long-lasting freshness.

Does Lenor work on all fabrics?
It works on every item of clothing (except for those fabrics mentioned on the pack’s warning label and dry clean only items). It will be easier to see and feel the difference on fluffy items like towels.

What is the effect of Lenor on my skin?
The fabric conditioner smoothes fibres, reducing the mechanical friction against the skin and therefore helps avoid delicate skin becoming irritated. Many dermatological studies have been run, with random human volunteers on Lenor which demonstrate that Lenor and Lenor-treated fabrics are safe for the skin.

I heard that using a fabric conditioner can stop towels from absorbing. Does Lenor do this?
Generally, towels and fabrics that have been washed with any fabric conditioner may not absorb water as quickly.

Can I put Lenor straight into the machine drum?
No, Lenor, as with any other fabric conditioner, should be poured into the fabric conditioner compartment of your machine.

How much product should I use?
For standard washing machines and normal loads, we recommend using 25ml. For larger loads and washing machines, you may want to use more; this will also provide with extra softness and freshness

I’ve only got half a load; can I use half of the amount of Lenor?
Yes, you should be able to, by dosing more this will also provide you with extra softness and freshness. Also check the machine manufacturer’s handbook just in case they have any guidelines for your particular model.

Can I use Lenor for any type of cycle of my washing machine?
Yes, you can use Lenor with any cycle type.

Does Lenor cause damage to the washing machine over time?
Lenor is safe to use for any type of washing machine and does not cause damage over long term use.

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From the first load I knew it was awesome! The lasting scent was gorgeous and lasted 3 days! I used an airer to dry and loved walking into my house and being drowned in that scent! No need for air freshers in my house!

I do recommend this product

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The scent keeps in in your clothes and bending with is good for me

I do recommend this product

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Lenor being the only conditioner scents I go for when washing my children clothes, I won this conditioner in a bundle from SSM first try amazing is all! The perfume one’s are even better then the normal ones, the clothes stay smelling fresh for so much longer as soon as l open my washing machine you can smell the gorgeous scent, I fill a spray bottle with a little bit of this & hot water and go around spraying my house, who needs air fresheners when you can simply make your own with this scent,

I do recommend this product

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