How to wash clothes if you have allergies or sensitive skin

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Whether it’s just seasonal skin sensitivities or you have year-round persistent issues, having sensitive skin requires some extra care and protection, even in the laundry room. People with sensitive skin should take extra care of their clothes and other items, like sheets and towels, that come in regular contact with skin. For many, that includes using a detergent and fabric softener that is either perfume-free or suitable for sensitive skin. Please always consult your doctor for professional guidance but below are some general laundry tips from Lenor.

6 Tips for Protecting Sensitive Skin

  • When buying clothes, choose fabrics that are soft to skin and not too tight.
    The fabrics should be able to 'breath' so moisture can easily evaporate.

  • Always wash new clothes with sensitive products before wearing them.
    To boost their appearance in stores, clothes and fabrics can have finishes applied. Wash all new clothes before wearing them to remove these finishes.

  • Use a gentle detergent like Lenor Sensitive
    Lenor Sensitive has been designed especially for people with sensitive skin. We formulated our detergent to leave your clothes gentle next to the skin. Lenor Sensitive is dermatologically tested and approved by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

  • Always use the correct amount of detergent.
    Always take care to accurately follow dosage levels on detergent packaging and read garment labels to ensure you’re using correct temperatures/cycles, etc.

  • If you have easily irritated skin, try adding an extra rinse cycle (if available) into your washing routine.

  • Use a Sensitive fabric softener for softer clothes like Lenor Sensitive
    Lenor Sensitive fabric softener is a hypoallergenic formula and is certified by European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Even those with delicate sensitive skin can enjoy the good feeling of Lenor.

Discover Lenor Sensitive Fabric Softener

Hypoallergenic Formula with 0% dyes and gentle, light scented fragrance

Clothes and bedding lay so close to your and your family's skin that it's important to keep them as soft and gentle as possible - especially against sensitive and delicate skin. Lenor Sensitive fabric softener is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic to ensure that you enjoy heavenly softness and gentle fragrance designed for sensitive skin. Our sensitive range of products contain 0% dyes and only gentle, light scented fragrance.

Skin Safety is the #1 priority for Lenor

At Lenor, safety guides the ingredient choices we make so your family (and ours) can confidently use our products every day. We use the same safety process as regulatory agencies like the European Union (EU), the World Health Organization (WHO), US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and others. But, before we market any new product, we go well beyond complying with laws and regulations to ensure every ingredient goes through a four-step science-based process. To find out more about the safety process please visit this link

Complementary to the in-depth safety review, Lenor products are dermatologically tested to ensure clothes washed with Lenor are safe for your skin. Clinical studies are carried out with real people under supervision of a dermatologist. The safety assessment and clinical results of Lenor products are also reviewed by independent dermatologists of Skin Health Alliance to confirm skin safety.

Lenor Sensitive fabric softener awarded with ECARF seal of approval

The ECARF seal certifies that Lenor Sensitive is adapted to the needs of people with sensitive skin. At ECARF, an independent advisory panel of leading international scientists and dermatologists have developed criteria to evaluate different product groups. The criteria are regularly updated to reflect the latest scientific findings and provides evidence that products are safe to sensitive skin.

After meeting the selection criteria, ECARF puts the product to a skin test with panelist that suffer from atopic dermatitis, a condition of the skin that makes it very sensitive and prone to irritation. Only products that pass this test are entitled to carry the ECARF seal of approval.

"The mission of the non-profit European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) is to ensure that people with allergies receive the best possible guidance in everyday matters and treatment options."

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Torsten Zuberbier
ECARF-Chairman of the Board

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lenor safe to use on babies’ clothes?

Yes, Lenor is safe to use on some babies’ clothes. Your safety is our top priority when choosing which ingredients go into Lenor. Each ingredient is thoroughly assessed by scientific experts so we can guarantee it is safe for the intended use. Liquid fabric softener can increase flammability. Do not use this product on children’s sleepwear or garments labelled as flame resistant or on garments made with fluffier fabrics such as fleece, velour, chenille, and terry cloth.

You can read more about Procter & Gamble's approach to ingredient safety here.

Does Lenor contain any allergens?

Yes, Lenor may contain ingredients that have been classified as “skin sensitizers,” meaning they have the potential to cause a skin allergy. Everyone’s skin is different, so not every individual will experience ingredients in the same way. That is one of the reasons why our products undergo a thorough safety review to ensure fragrance ingredients are formulated within a safe range. We also go beyond compliance with the safety standards of the International Fragrance Association and conduct an additional safety assessment of our fragrances and their ingredients. You can also learn more about the safety behind fragrance ingredients, by visiting The Fragrance Conservatory. While allergies to certain ingredients are always possible, we select fragrance ingredients with the greatest care and utmost attention to safety.

Do you have an allergy warning on Lenor Sensitive?

No, we don’t have an allergy warning on Lenor Sensitive. Scientific bodies of the European Union have identified a list of 26 common fragrance ingredients that have the potential to be skin sensitizers. When these ingredients are used above a certain threshold in consumer products marketed in the European Union, the product label must list them. We do not have this warning in our Sensitive variant as the perfume of Lenor Sensitive’s formulation does meet the requirements for not having the allergy warning.

For other variants that has the warning, it does not mean that a person who uses a product with one of these ingredients will develop a skin reaction. Instead, it is to assist individuals with a skin condition or reaction to certain ingredients to identify them and make an informed purchase decision.

When we develop our products, we define a safe range using the same science-based standards as major regulatory agencies around the world. We evaluate all ingredients to ensure they are safe both for you and for the environment. If we can’t confirm that it’s safe for you and the environment, we don’t use them. Read more on our Safety of Ingredients here.