Our commitment to formulate Lenor Liquid
Fabric Enhancers responsibly whilst
improving the performance

We are always looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. To determine where we should be focusing our efforts to make the biggest changes and improve our carbon footprint, we use a scientific method called the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), which analyses the environmental impact of a product across its lifecycle. 60% of the carbon footprint per wash of laundry comes from washing temperature i.e. the energy used to heat the water. Another key contributor to the carbon footprint per wash are raw materials. This science-based knowledge has driven our decision to focus on improving the sustainability profile of our formula. The main components of Lenor fabric softeners are the ingredients that provide long-lasting freshness and softness to fabrics. With the launch of the new formulation, we’re focusing on both elements to enable better feel-good freshness performance while reducing the carbon footprint of the formula.

How did we improve the softening ingredients?

plant based softness Transition to plant-based softness
Our new formula with plant-based softness is made with a combination of carefully selected plant-based oils, including Cotton Seed Oil (CSO) sourced from responsibly grown cotton as a key softness ingredient, chosen for its excellent softness performance and low carbon footprint. The decision to include plant-based softness in our full Lenor range is rooted in science and informed by data taken from a high-quality LCA, which assessed which softening agents had low carbon footprint. The LCA conducted in partnership with external independent sustainability consultants showed our mix of plant-based oils have a reduced carbon footprint compared to previous softening agents.

* 80% of the ingredients contributing to Lenor’s softness are plant-based.

How did we improve the freshness system?

By introducing two new technologies, we improved our freshness system efficiency for an even better freshness experience yet using less raw material:

Optiscent optimized bubbles The OptiscentTM optimized freshness bubbles
Lenor’s long-lasting freshness is provided through motion activated perfume bubbles, which release the perfume upon touch or motion. OptiScentTM is a new evolution of perfume bubbles that optimizes the freshness deposition and release so you can enjoy more of the scent you love. On top, we have also identified and removed the ingredients that did not significantly contribute to the freshness delight, keeping only what’s essential to the scent experience.

softness deposition aid The Softpore freshness and softness deposition aid
As washing machines are designed to be more environmentally friendly, we tend to use shorter cycles using less energy and water. To leave your clothes smelling fresh even under quick and cold wash conditions, Lenor introduced the Softpore technology. It helps to increase the freshness delight and maintain softness while reducing the amount of ingredients needed. The softness and scent are dispersed evenly across all your fabrics, so you can turn to quick and cold cycles and enjoy the heavenly softness and long-lasting freshness.

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