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Ever since Lenor was first introduced to Germany in 1963, we’ve been committed to making your everyday life a little better as a brand you can trust to care for your clothes. Nothing is more important than keeping you and your family safe.

Thanks to the carefully selected, quality ingredients, our products does not only provide effective freshness and softness, but they’re safe for you and your family to use as intended. To even be considered for use in our products, every ingredient must be known to be safe for its intended use. We go beyond regulatory compliance by holding ourselves to the highest standards of safety. Simply put, if an ingredient has not been proven safe for its intended use, we don’t put it in our products.

All Lenor products from P&G which are sold in the UK and Ireland have not been tested on animals. Getting rid of testing on animals is so important to us which is why we have invested more than £340 million in developing non-animal testing methods and work closely with groups such as PETA. Learn more here.

Lenor’s Safety Process

At Lenor, safety guides the ingredient choices we make so your family (and ours) can confidently use our products every day. We use the same safety process as regulatory agencies like the European Union (EU), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and others. But, before we market any new product, we go well beyond complying with laws and regulations to ensure every ingredient goes through a four-step science-based process.

Step 1: Doubt

Before we use any ingredient, our scientists start by asking questions. If there's any doubt about it's safety or benefit to you, we won't use it.

Step 2: Define

We define the ingredient's safe range using the same science-based standards as major regulatory agencies around the world.

Step 3: Determine

We evaluate all ingredients in the product to ensure they are safe when used - both for you and the environment. If we can't confirm that, we go back to the drawing board.

Step 4: Diligence

Our last step never ends. Once a product is on shelves, we keep up with new information on each ingredient, collaborating on new products safety methods with regulatory agencies and scientists outside of P&G to make sure we're up to date.

Lenor fabric softeners are dermatologically tested and approved by Skin Health Alliance (SHA)

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional dermatological accreditation to products, services and brands around the world to give consumers confidence in their buying choices with the reassurance that products have been independently verified as skin safe. The safety assessment and clinical results of Lenor products are reviewed by independent dermatologists of Skin Health Alliance to confirm skin safety.


Did you know… Some people believe natural product ingredients are safer to use than man-made, synthetic ones. The reality is that it’s not that simple; both natural and synthetic ingredients have a safe range and an unsafe range. Even basics like sunlight, oxygen, and water have safety limits. We make sure we use quality ingredients you can trust:


  • Softener: Gives your fabrics a soft, comfortable feel and helps keep them easy to iron while reducing static electricity.
  • Perfume: Leaves behind the gentle scent you love right out of the wash and lasts during storage and wear.
  • Dye: Used for product aesthetics and provides a recognizable colour.
  • Processing Aid: Helps manufacturing (e.g. prevent foaming)
  • Water: All the ingredients are mixed into a solution of water.
  • Thickener: Helps maintain a consistent thickness for easy pouring and protects against product deterioration over time.
  • Stabilizer: Maintains product integrity over time, making sure your Lenor is effective for longer.
IngredientsPerfumeDyeThickenerProcessing AidSoftenerStabilizerWaterPerfumeDyeThickenerProcessing AidSoftenerStabilizerWater

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